Frygt og Bæven




What do you do when, at three o’clock in the morning, you wake up hearing the voice of God telling you: Kill your son? This book is a commentary on Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling, which is based on the biblical story of Abraham: that loving father who God asked to sacrifice his son, Isaac.

To comment Fear and Trembling I gave myself the task of writing the possible thoughts that Abraham might have on the way to the place of the sacrifice of Isaac. These "possible thoughts" I wrote in the form of aphorisms, that is, short texts in where I try to draw the anguish of Abraham; their internal dialogue about the possibility of the existence of God, the way to deal with murder, and how to interpret the concept of faith.

Each of these aphorisms is commented by footnotes, which are discussed by footnotes, which are discussed by footnotes ... These footnotes are used as voices that came from the culture, from Leibniz, Bachelard or John of the Cross, to Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan or Leonard Cohen, that slowly propose a particular concept of faith. A multiplicity of voices, thoughts, ideas, a kind of schizophrenia caused by the distress of Abraham.

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