Einstürzende Bauten 

(Collapsing buildings)


("Einstürzende Bauten", 80 drawings size A4, ink on paper)


Translation: Imagine a low sound, / as low / as the sound of the seven trumpets / that brought down the walls of Jericho. / Every time I think about how music has been involved in social transformation, / the first thing that comes to mind is Woodstock. / How the 400 000 people who attended to the festival / transformed the way that society conceived itself. / However, Woodstock was not a force for change, / was the result of a historical process. / Was not a beginning, / was the beginning / of the end of an era / that finished four months later / with the murder of Meredith Hunter / at the Altamont Speedway Free Festival / while the Rolling Stones played "Under My Thumb". / But there have been moments / when / music does what the flint in a lighter, / in which / a single crash of cymbals can rock the destiny of a nation. / On August 25, 1830 / at the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie of Brussels, / during the performing of Daniel Auber´s opera La Muette de Portici, / exactly at the aria / " Amour sacré de la patrie", / the audience raised of their seats shouting / "to the arms, / to the arms," / and then leave the theater / to start the Belgian revolution. / Or the Baltic countries process of independence, / specifically / the Song Festival in Tallinn on September, / when a third of the population of Estonia / met into Lauluväljak to sing / and demand the restoration of their independence. / But above all, / music transforms directly micro-stories: / In the 1985 movie Back to the Future, / music makes the music sounds, / so that the protagonist of the film exists, / his parents should fall in love / and thus must dance and kiss while sounds "Earth Angel". / Without The Penguins´s song Marty McFly would not exist. / And if Beethoven has not wrote his symphonies, / Alex DeLarge, the main character in Clockwork Orange, would have had a different fate. / For me, as well to the character of Bruno Ganz in Wings of Desire, / was the music of Nick Cave that changes my life. / I remember the first time I heard him. / I was coming home from school and the music came out of my sister´s room, / in that moment my house became the Wangaratta`s Cathedral / where Cave performed in public for the first time. / Because all first time you hear something / is the first time is pronounced. / Just as the first rock concert you attend / is the first rock concert in history, / is the Moondog Coronation Ball in Cleveland Arena / in which Paul “Hucklebuck” Williams gave the starting signal to the rock concerts / and was suspended after the first song / because more people wanted to came in as was possible, / but what's the point to came in / if the music come out. / Came out, / like Cave's music came out from the room of my sister. / And through his compositions, / through the way he build a everyday-story and perverts it / allowed me to accept contradictory, / but most of all was his deep voice that caught me, / so deep / that the walls seemed to collapse.