Song Image Database



We all have certain songs in our memory that are impossible to separate from a face, place or situation; songs function as an index that remind us a specific time and place. But what happens if instead of appealing to memory to locate a song, we create a system that allows us to find the exact place and time in which a song should be heard?

Song Image Database is a software that allows its users to find the perfect geographical spot to listen a song. It works by uploading a MP3 file or copy-pasting the lyrics of a song and the software will return a day, time and place; so the user can go there and experience the act of listening that song in a different way in order to create a micro-narrative, a sort of one shoot music video, constructed from focusing at a single point while the song is listened.

The artwork function first like a conceptual statement, like a promise that something will happen through the act of listening; but also as an experience, a sort of controlled Dérive made while the users go to find their spot to listen.