The Dark Forest 




I set out to find a song through a Google search, that included the following words: Lithuania, Neringa, Nida, Baltic Sea, Curonian Lagoon, forest, time, address and photograph, as well as searching for them in three different languages, Spanish, English and Lithuanian. Of all the songs that the search engine produced the one that contained the largest number of the above variables was The Dark Forest, played by the extreme metal band named Behemoth. I used the lyrics of the song like a codex that contained all the variables involved in taking the photograph; I generated a system to interpret the codex and this is the image. Taken at 00:33 hours, positioning the camera on the latitude and longitude coordinates of 55.321136 and 21.011767, towards 160 ° S, at a height of 360.5 cm and the aperture open to 14.