Daniel Toca



Most of my work happens in a written form; It consists of researches that has taken the form of literary essays, practiced from the field of art, no literature. I understand writing as a plane of consistency, a scale model, a sculptural proposal in which happen seemingly scattered reflections, but as a whole, they underpin the construction of a way of understanding, and access to a mystical matter. To develop these scale-models-essays I search in literature, philosophy, music, science or theology; I have no prejudices at the time of choosing the authors I work with, I always try to find new authors, however, there are some that are constantly repeated: La Monte Young, Søren Kierkegaard, Jorge Luis Borges, Walter Benjamin, San Augustine. Thus, by analyzing a musical concept, a fiction, or a historical fact, I unraveled a philosophical position, a theological argument, with which I build a scale-model-essay, ensuring that the text overflows to become sculptural material.