To Be High


(A search for the highest place in Palestine) 


Fragment: "The pilgrim kept on walking. Forest. Mountain. Summit. He had the experience of distance again; from above the world was not a landscape but a map. To be high To climb a tree, a ladder or a mountain. Rite of ascension. At the height, the body changes. The lack of oxygen forces our organism to work differently: to breath differently is to be differently: to be high. The heart beats faster, the systolic volume decreases, the non-essential functions of the body are suppressed. Dizziness. Euphoria. Hallucinations. Climbers who are about to reach the top of an eight-thousander must breathe 15 times to be able to walk a single step. To be high. A hilltop castle, a watchtower, a drone. Surveillance technologies. Height is a prosthesis that unveils what is hidden by closeness: to be high. At the top, the exterior transforms the interior. The interior transforms the exterior. The self and the other change. To be high; to walk in the heights; to inhabit the heights. What is your height? How high can you go in your everyday life? How high can you go in this city? In this country? Physical height. Religious height. Economical height. Social height. The highest place of any place is the voice. A high-pitched voice. A soprano voice. A high-pitched soprano voice projected from the top of a mountain with the mouth directed towards the sky."