To be a cloud



(On August 23, 2018, I pick up a drop of water from the mouth of the river Ter in the Mediterranean Sea. During the following twelve days I traveled with it the 225 kilometers by which the river flows to take it back to its Pyrenean origin in the Ulldeter glacier cirque.)


Fragment: "The pilgrim crouched down. Picked up a drop that had flowed the entire river keeping a short distance from the surface to feel the sun but not evaporate. He placed it in the center of his hand. He reflected on it." Lou Reed, John Cale and Nico playing in the Bataclan. Nostalgia. He remembered the choreography of Andrei Gorchakov. To carry a lit candle from one end to the other without extinguishing. To carry a drop of water from one end of the river to the other without spilling it. Along the river. From the mouth to the spring. To be a cloud. A pilgrimage to the source. Lanza de Vasto walking the Ganges in the opposite direction, from the Gulf of Bengal to the Western Himalayas. The pilgrim walked with the drop in his hand."